Jessica W. Liu
UX / UI Designer

Veggie Grill


How can the mobile browsing and ordering experience of Veggie Grill be improved? 

Veggie Grill App Redesign
For the San Diego Portfolio Studio's Mobile & Web Design Course, I chose to redesign Veggie Grill's mobile app. Having eaten at Veggie Grill and used the app before, I felt that the app provided a poor experience and could be redesigned to really elevate the overall experience of Veggie Grill. I decided to focus on the main components: home screen, menu & checkout, and rewards.

Leo Rabelo

UX/UI Design, Usability Testing

Sept - Oct 2015
6 weeks


To kick off the redesign, I did a usability test on the current Veggie Grill app to identify the pain points.

I recruited users to run through the app to accomplish the following tasks:

1. Order a meal
2. Redeem available rewards

I observed the users' actions and noted down any comments and frustrations they had while completing the tasks. This helped me identify what I could improve on in the redesign.


Wireframes & User Flow
Once I identified pain points and needs, I explored various wireframes and placed them into a user flow to make sure that it made sense. The goal was to make a friendlier, more streamlined experience for Veggie Grill customers.


Home Screen Redesign

With the original home screen, users had difficulty navigating through the application from the home screen. The menu was incredibly hard to find, and users were confused by the "Love" and "Rewards" buttons--which were both essentially the same thing.


In the redesign, I propose a quick way for users to access their rewards to earn and redeem dine-in points. I also use the home screen to display "Featured Dishes" to entice users and provide an easy pathway into the menu. I also reworked the bottom navigation to allow for direct access into the menu and clear up confusion on the rewards system.


Checkout Redesign

The original menu to check out flow was disconnected. There were two menus with different visual designs and only one could allow users to add an item to order.

This caused the most frustration with users so in the redesign, I streamlined the checkout process by integrating ordering into the main menu while maintaining a consistent visual style throughout the screens. 


Rewards Redesign

The original rewards screen lacked clarity about available rewards for redemption. It was unclear which rewards were available or not.

In the redesign, I separated rewards into "locked" and "available" categories so users would be able to know immediately what is redeemable.


Final Key Screens

For the redesign, I propose a more streamlined browsing and checkout process for users. I also include more use of imagery so users can identify the dishes based on the images. Visually, I stay with the Veggie Grill color palette as I think it fits well with their health conscious, vegan brand.



As my first app redesign, many of the user-centered design processes were new to me. Due to the quick pacing of the class, I was only able to run a quick usability test on the current application. Looking back at the project now, I realize that doing more research and planning (such as creating an application map) could have immensely improved the design process. 

If I were to revisit this project, I would conduct more research to understand what Veggie Grill customers really need from a mobile application, do a usability assessment to identify any areas of frustration for the redesign, and iterate from there.