Jessica W. Liu
UX / UI Designer



How can we use music and technology to bring people closer together?

TIDAL created new technology that allowed for users to simultaneously listen to music together on different devices. As the designer, I was challenged to create a seamless user experience for this new streaming feature. 

TIDAL TurnUP Feature
The goal of the feature was to create a sense of closeness and shared experiences for users through the simultaneous music streaming. The feature had to integrate into the existing TIDAL application. 

Designlab x TIDAL

UX/UI Design, Usability Testing

July 2016
60hrs. maximum


Before starting, I had to better understand the feature space for synchronous music streaming.

Participant Surveys: 
I created a questionnaire to understand the average user's music streaming habits and expectations. I received 33 responses total.

User Interviews
I was able to interview 2 people, a musician and a regular music streamer to get deeper insight into music streaming, sharing, and discussion.


Application Map
To understand where the TurnUP feature could fit into the current application, I created an application map to understand the content layout of TIDAL and determine how users could access the TurnUP feature.


Once I identified how users would access the feature, I moved on to mocking up wireframes for how the synchronous music streaming could work. The goal was to allow users to create private and public streaming sessions and simultaneously chat with peers. Additionally, it also had to allow users to curate their broadcasted lists.


Prototyping & User Testing

Based on the user flow and wireframes, I created a clickable prototype on Marvel and did some quick UsabilityHub testing on the hi-fidelity mock ups.

Takeaways from testing:

  • Users were confused on how to add songs to empty playlist and attempted to add songs by selecting the wrong icon
  • Users were apprehensive about adding songs to a session queue because they couldn't recognize the song by a name and wanted to preview a song before streaming.

Final Key Screens

For the visual design, I wanted the emphasis to be on information related to a user's status. I chose to strip away any unnecessary colors that could distract from the data and status. The purpose of AMMA is to be a companion app so I wanted to create a calm, yet reliable feeling to the overall app with a lot of blues and whites.



This project was challenging in a positive way by requiring me to separate out the application map and user flow deliverables while still ensuring that everything was in sync during design iterations.

The user research portion of this project was easier as I was surrounded by plenty of potential users in my own network and outside of it. However, it was a bit of a struggle at first to keep my own personal biases out of the design process and give greater weight to the research. 

If I were to revisit this project, I would conduct much more user testing to truly get a deeper understanding of how the synchronous streaming concept could be optimally utilized, and to discover new insights on where the design could go.