Jessica W. Liu
UX / UI Designer



How can we encourage users to apply for a loan with us?

Dealstruck Product Pages
The old product pages explaining our core loan products were outdated, text-heavy, and did not align with our corporate site refresh. The pages were static and didn't encourage users to apply for a loan with us.

I was tasked with the project to redesign the product pages. Our marketing department provided some initial direction and requirements, but I was for the most part free to explore the design direction. In the end, the product pages evolved from a static webpage to a more detailed and interactive page.


UX/UI Design

Marketing Department
Account Executives
VP of Product

April 2016


With little context and direction, I had to determine the process to begin the redesign.

STEP 1: Define the Goals
Marketing needed to maintain a structure for SEO and wanted to encourage users to apply for loans.

STEP 2: Research - Asking Questions
I came up with questions to help me identify more specific page requirements. What would a small business owner need and want to know? What could make them want to apply for OUR loans over others? 

STEP 3: Brainstorming
I then took the information and explored different ideas and worked closely with the VP of Product, marketing, and account executives to reach a final design.


The Redesign

After multiple iterations and reviews, the product page evolved into an interactive landing page for users to explore what our products could do for them.

The Loan Calculator
The loan calculator was first and foremost. We wanted it to be the selling point for users and encourage them explore it first. Once they scrolled, they would be provided with additional information, like opportunities and uses of a specific loan.

Success Stories
Quotes from our successful borrowers were provided to be relatable context. Our thinking was that if people saw regular business owners just like them, they could see the possibilities for themselves as well.


Loan Product Calculators
Each loan product page had its own interactive calculator. Users would be able to change the inputs to calculate the cost of a loan for them. For this portion, I had to work closely with our CTO, CEO, and VP of Product to identify the correct ways to calculate a loan payment (which is a doozy!).


Responsive Mobile Pages
The biggest challenge was creating a mobile experience with the calculators that could hold its own and not get lost within the content. In the end, we opted to have the calculator open up in its own browser window on mobile so that once users were in, their focus would be on the calculator.


Other Webpages

One of the objectives for the redesign was to align it with the branding and style of the other pages on Dealstruck corporate site. Below are a few examples of other pages I designed with the same visual style.